Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tips For Marketing In The Web 2.0 World


Now it has become essential for companies of all sizes on the market are online. More and more are spending a greater percentage of their revenue online. Naturally, the online business is increasingly competitive. 10 years ago, online marketing was just having a website. 5 years ago, which was to establish and manage a PPC campaign on Google and Yahoo. In the Web 2.0 world, companies must be more aggressive to get their share of the business.          
Today, SEO is way too expensive and seemingly ineffective for most companies. Similarly, PPC offers have increased to a point where most online businesses must find other sources of potential customers. Fortunately, these trends coincide with the transformation in the Web 2.0.

Users today are very sophisticated and search a large number of sites before buying a product or service. Consider the following example. Jill wants a new pair of sunglasses. She goes to Google and type "sunglasses." As 90% of Google users never go to the second page. So all the companies in more than 40 million pages, never has a chance in the business of Jill.

Now Jill is as sophisticated as any in America in 2009, and realize you have to shop around to find the right person for the right price. In fact, instead of clicking the sunglasshut.com or prada.com, goes in search of images to find the partner you want. Now all the businesses that spent thousands of dollars each month to be on the first page of Google has lost its opportunity in your business.

As Jill clicks in different styles he likes best is brought to many websites. In fact as of 09/10/2009, the first image Jill has a social networking site. He soon finds articles, blogs, and even discussion forums that discuss or show glasses she wants. After looking at several different partners, the couple is finally displayed on a blog. These glasses are custom made, and the producer has only a handful on sale as a hobby.

Now Jill has a great pair of sunglasses and the producer has made a sale. The connection between the buyer and seller is complete. None of them took a moment to realize how complex this process has become. In fact, most online businesses are becoming overwhelmed by the idea of marketing their business on the Web 2.0 world.

"Where I can even begin?" is a question I hear all the time. My answer, "Give us a call." I can respond in this way because every company has to take a different approach to marketing themselves. In the Web 2.0 world, which means a unique combination of search engines, forums, blogs, wikis, social networking, multimedia, press releases, contests, chat rooms, etc.

This is best left to an expert. In fact, the best marketing companies online today to work with you as a partner. You tell them what their business needs are in terms of income and demographics of its customer base and marketing company should be able to get the exposure your business needs exactly. Interestingly, there are very few guarantees in this industry, I've never understood. One of the leaders in the industry is VMX Marketing 2.0 Marketing. They have a 100% money back guarantee, which basically says do not get the desired amount of exposure of their customers within a set time frame, then the client's money is returned automatically.


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