Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Limitations of Google Analytics As a Quality SEO Tool

Google Analytics is a beloved tool, often used for SEO.This service provides detailed statistics about the flow of traffic to a website. Despite being an effective tool for measuring traffic, which has many limitations as an SEO tool. Google Analytics has several shortcomings that you should consider before relying heavily on it.


The initial limitation is that the tool is achieved by including the labels on the page. The technology is commonly known as the tracking code Google Analytics only records data in browsers that support java script. Some users have disabled java script or browsers could have without it, so do not be traced.
Second, you should check on reports and access them online. Google Analytics does not provide real time monitoring which can be obtained directly in classification. How quickly things can change online, this is a serious limitation. If used, may therefore need to also be complemented with other tools for real-time tracking.

Another shortcoming is the inability to Google Analytics reporting of spiders. As a seller, you should be with you the operation of these spiders to make full use of SEO techniques. You must know when spiders visits your site and what the area you are interested in. This will help prioritize the various mainstream and make changes on the site. It will also help make new links to those pages. Unfortunately, Google Analytics helps you track spiders.
Log analysis is an obligation for the seller because it is based filters. Google does not check the site owner and not allowed to upload logs available for other programs.

To avoid these pitfalls, you should choose a variety of tools to improve SEO techniques. Although many experts in search engine Google Analytics is based on the use of file-level scanners are a better solution. These differ from the label side using the same technology behind web analytics. There are tools that mine the classification code server logs. The search for files on your site is registered with the IP address, stings of reference and user agents. Although this is more participation, information is more valuable and useful.

The above analysis shows that while Google Analytics is very dear to measure traffic, not necessarily provide the full classification seemed to some website owners. As a result, other alternatives explored.sis shows that even if Google Analytics is a tool to measure traffic loved, not necessarily the total requested an individual site owners. Therefore, other alternatives are considered potentially.

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